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Why my cat is not covering poo/pee in litter box?

Another wisdom Wednesday is here so are you ready with your coffee, tea or cats to learn something new? This question was one of the most asked question when I did a Q&A few weeks ago so here it is all your answers at one place.

I urge cat parents to not take litter box issues lightly as your cat might be distressed and will not show any symptoms at all which usually leads you into thinking that your cat is a spoiled brat and is spraying right infront of your eyes or like most of us say my cat doesn’t care at all.

Instead cats are giving us a huge favour going into a dedicated litter box when in the wild they can go whenever. Dog owners don’t even have that choice as they pick dogs poop by their hand still we tend to make a bigger deal of issues caused by cats and tag them with all those bad words. But it’s alright we all are learning and growing and trying to understand our feline companion better everyday so 10 points for trying ❤️😊.

As I always say cats are one of the most misunderstood animals and deserve much much better. So let me know how’s the litter situation in your cat household 😀 and if this is helpful. If not, I am just a ping away 😽 Meowww!

Ps: some of the points mentioned in this post has been taken from the book #totalcatmojo

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