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Understanding your cat's body language

Holy Moly it’s that time of the week again, when we read and learn a little bit more about our cats while sipping our favourite tea or coffee 😺.

Did you know a cat move it’s ears backwards and make it flat to save it from getting injured in the fight as it’s one of the most important assets of their body? Crazy right! What a great survival instincts. Thanks to my friend for highlighting this cat fact yesterday on his post.

A cat gives us so much signs and warnings to not constantly bug her or touch her when she doesn’t want it. I mean there is a thing called consent right? 😇 A cat is one of the most tolerant predators out there and yet we call them names like fussy cat, crazy cat, mean cat etc

So here we go furriends, let’s get enlightened on how to read a cat’a body language so that we don’t bug our babies when they are not in a mood for fun or give them extra love when they are asking for it 🤩 😻😺😸

Ps - this is only 40% of basic information on a cat body language. Look out for more information in the future around this.

Also, some images used in this post are not mine hence you can DM me for credit or removal.

Happy Hump Day y’all 😽😽

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