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Why my cat is attacking me for no reason?

Alright furriends, lets grab your cup of coffee and get enlighted on why your cat is biting you suddenly for no apparent reason!

Well firstly there is always a reason yes! Questions we should be asking is why is my cat biting me? how can I find the right reason? how can I fix the problem?

As a cat psychologist I would recommend doing/not doing the below list of things to start with. All cats are different so some might need more personalised plan which is why I am here :) so please free to contact me via phone/text/message or book a consultation directly.

Also, lets choose our words wisely when we say my cat is crazy/mean/bitch etc. It matters because we give a negetive image to a cat when he/she is simply behaving according to their natural instincts i.e hunting, killing and grazing.

Ps- some ideas/content have been included from the book “total cat mojo” by @thecatdaddy

Check out this post in our instagram highlights - Cat Issues!

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