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What's so special about Manx Cats?

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Hello, amazing people! This is one of the most awaited blogs which I was very excited about because a lot of times people in Instagram check our page and asks me what happened to Rya and Koen’s tail. Rya is a Manx + Ragdoll breed and Koen is Manx + Shorthair breed. The most important feature of a Manx breed is that they do not have tails.

Manx cats are very rare and were originated from Britain 300 years ago. They are also known as dogs of the cat world due to their very dog-like behavior. Both Rya and Koen follow us in the house and they will always be around observing you.

Also, since Rya was a kitten she will always come running towards the door as soon as we arrive from work and let us hold her and kiss her for sometimes. This is the reason why I am always very excited to come back home, It’s like you will always have someone waiting for you at home.

Another interesting feature of Manx cats is that they have big strong hinge legs therefore when they walk or run they look like a rabbit as it appears that they are hopping. Their back legs are bigger from their front legs which enables them to jump very high. You can see in below pictures of Koen how his back legs are bigger than front legs.

Manx cats are very easy to train certain tricks like Hi-Five, Jumping to your lap, playing fetch, etc. They talk through their eyes and are very expressive of what they want. They can also be very easily leash trained. Both Rya and Koen love going out in parks with their leash on (Rya do not enjoy it all the time though).

There are three different types of Manx cats –

  • Rumpy – Rya is a rumpy Manx cat as she has no tail bone at all and has a very round structure. She also has round eyes and chicks which is a typical Manx cat feature.

  • Rumpy Risers - Koen belongs to this category of Manx cats as he has small cartilage at the end of the spine which he moves sometimes lol.

  • Stumpy – This category of Manx cats has a small tail like shown in the picture below. They are very unique and look like their tail was cut short in an accident but that’s not true. It’s just the way this breed forms are.

  • Longie - Longies are the Manx cats that have a full-grown tail like a normal cat. They play a very important part in reproduction because if a rumpy Manx cat is bred by another rumpy than the kitten which is born has chances of suffering from Manx syndrome and those kittens don’t even survive more than 4 months of their lives sadly.

Manx cats are very active cats and jump very high (using their big strong back legs) which is why they call them dogs of the cat world and would need quite an active and exciting lifestyle. They are also very affectionate, Both Rya and Koen sleeps with us on the bed and purrs non stop lol.

There are some other cat breeds which has no or small tail like American Bobtail, Japanese bobtail, Cymric cat etc. You can read about them here -

So now you all know why Rya and Koen do not have tails and what makes them special however I believe all cats are special and unique in their own way. Before signing off I am going to show you this amazing YouTube video about Manx cats which is one of my favorite. It perfectly describes Manx cats in all possible ways. Watch it below -

Signing off now,

Believe in Kindness, empathy & well-being


Saba :)

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