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A complete guide on how to play with your uninterested cats (proven techniques that work)_
Reignite Your Cat's Playful Side with These Proven Techniques

Proven strategies to engage, entertain, and bond with your cat, even if they seem uninterested.

What's Inside The 12 Page Guide...

Discover quick, effective play techniques to engage your uninterested cat with or without your presence.

Learn simple strategies that fit into your busy schedule, ensuring your cat gets the stimulation they need.

Unlock proven methods to transform playtime, making it fun and easy, even for the busiest cat owners.


Coach Saba


Hi I'm Saba,
I'm a cat behaviour coach on a mission to help cat owners understand their cat's behaviour, train them effectively and take decisions confidently & correctly for their cats.  

I’ve helped hundreds of cat owners around the world learn how to read their cat's body language, resolve stressful behavioural issues, and build happy, confident relationships with their cats.

My proven, simple techniques and strategies have transformed countless feline lives, turning stress and confusion into harmony and understanding.

Through my Cat Owners Academy, I guide new and first-time cat owners in creating the best foundation for their cats, ensuring they grow into happy, confident companions without behavioural issues.

Members of the Cat Owners Academy feel empowered and know exactly how to handle stressful behaviours and save money at the vet by asking the right questions.

I've packaged up the key things I’ve learned in my journey and am turning them over to YOU so you can confidently raise and train your cat.

No more confusion. No more stress. Just a happy, confident cat and a proud, informed cat owner.

You ready? Let’s do this!



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