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How to Fix all kinds of litter box issues at once?

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Is your cat peeing all around the house? Is your cat peeing/pooping in specific places in the house? Is your cat dropping poop right next to the litter box? Do you know how to set up a litter box in your house to fix litter box issues forever? If you have all the above questions then the only thing you will ever need is this self-paced 20 mins online course. This course includes - 1. Understanding your cat's peeing/pooping needs. 2. Fulfilling your cat's basic needs at home. 3. Fix different kinds of litter box issues by yourself. 4. Ways to remove cat pee smell from home forever. 5. 10 exclusive cat well-being tips and techniques that work. 6. Exclusive Q&A from Saba(A cat psychologist) only for people who buy this course. 7. Free group membership with people dealing with similar litter box issues. 8. Free quarterly newsletter consisting of discount codes, cats training tips, and techniques, Cat safe products, and exclusive Q&A. Note - Your first step before fixing any cat behaviour should be to take your cat to the vet and ensure your cat is not dealing with any medical issues. This course is not intended to fix cat behaviour issues that are caused by medical reasons. This course is purely intended for educational purposes. We acknowledge and understand that in most cases fixing a cat's behaviour needs personalized consultation from a professional behaviourist. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR VET OR QUALIFIED VET BEHAVIOURIST IF YOUR CAT IS EXHIBITING SERIOUS BEHAVIOURAL ISSUES.

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