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Understanding & Fixing Aggressive Cat Behaviour

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This course includes - 1. Understanding your cat's body language. 2. How to Fulfill your cat's basic needs at home. 3. Fix different kinds of cat aggressive behaviour at home. 4. Know what to do and what not to do when your cat attacks. 5. Free Cat Owner Essential checklist to compare if your home has everything set up well for your cat. 6. 10 exclusive cat well-being tips and techniques that work. 7. Free quarterly newsletter consisting of discount codes, cats training tips, and techniques, Cat safe products, and exclusive Q&A. 8. Free group membership with people dealing with cat aggression issues hence you will be part of a community who are dealing with the same issues as you. 9. Q&A every month by Saba (A Cat Psychologist) in the exclusive Facebook group. 10. This course can also help you resolve multiple other behavioral issues apart from aggression. Note - Your first step before fixing any cat behaviour should be to take your cat to the vet and ensure your cat is not dealing with any medical issues. This course is not intended to fix cat behaviour issues that are caused by medical reasons. This course is purely intended for educational purposes. We acknowledge and understand that in most cases fixing a cat's behaviour needs personalized consultation from a professional behaviourist. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR VETERINARIAN OR OTHER QUALIFIED VET BEHAVIOURIST, IF YOUR CAT IS EXHIBITING SERIOUS BEHAVIOURAL ISSUES.

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