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Are you a first time cat owner? If yes then you are in the right place my friend!

The Cat Owners Academy™

 by Saba Sayyed

Saba and her Dog

I am on a mission to empower first-time and new cat owners to master their cat’s behaviour so they can raise a happy and confident cat and avoid long-term behavioural and health issues.

Learn skills and knowledge to interpret your cat’s communication tactics, decode your cat’s personality and become an expert cat owner.

Adopting a cat is fun and exciting, however, it can quickly turn into stress and overwhelm if you don't know how to interpret your cat’s behaviour and communication tactics. 

Most first-time cat owners lack the right skills and knowledge on how to raise an indoor cat,  how to communicate with them and train them effectively.  They usually rely on Google and social media to learn about their cat's behaviour. 

To raise a happy and confident indoor cat, the key is to master your cat’s behaviour and understand their body language!  

When new cat owners misinterprets their cat's signals or ignores them altogether, their cat will become stressed, anxious, or frustrated, which usually manifest in lifelong behavioural issues or health problems. 

Therefore after working with hundreds of first time cat owners,  I have created something special for you!! 

Decode your cat’s personality and communication tactics. Handle stressful behaviour confid
Decode your cat’s personality and communication tactics. Handle stressful behaviour confid
Decode your cat’s personality and communication tactics. Handle stressful behaviour confid


The Cat Owners Academy!!

The Cat Owners Academy is a high-support coaching experience for first-time cat owners or new cat owners who are struggling to understand their cat’s behaviour and want to feel confident and supported while raising their cats.

It consists of a signature online program comprising of 3 modules which you can learn in your own time and a private coaching group to address all your cat questions and concerns. 

Join me inside “The Cat Owners Academy” and I will teach you how to 

Decode your cat’s personality and communication tactics. Handle stressful behaviour confid
Decode your cat’s personality and communication tactics. Handle stressful behaviour confid

Note: We do not teach quick tips and tricks available online; we impart proven techniques and strategies rooted in feline behaviour science. We aim to empower you to decode your cat's behaviour, understand their personality type, and effectively train them confidently.

Inside The Cat Owners Academy, you will learn 

Decode your cat’s personality and communication tactics. Handle stressful behaviour confid

You will be added to a private exclusive cat behaviour coaching group managed by Saba where you can ask your questions and concerns and share your journey as you raise your furry kids. 

Additional Free Ebooks
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Check out what cat owners around the World have to say about us 

Decode your cat’s personality and communication tactics. Handle stressful behaviour confid
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Why should you join the Cat Owners Academy?

Most new cat owners lack skills and knowledge on cat behaviour science and unknowingly encourages unwanted behaviour in their cats.

More than 50% of cat owners struggle to understand what their cat is trying to communicate with them or misunderstood them. 

First time cat owners have to rely on youtube or google to learn about cat behaviour which is not usually correct or relatable for everyone.

Approx. 60% of first time cat owners have spent money on cat furniture, food, or toys that their cats never used.

Many cat behaviour problems are misunderstood and cats are labelled as "spoiled," "aggressive," or "mean," when the cats are struggling in an unfavourable environment.

Inside, Cat Owners Academy you will find all the answers a first-time cat owner seeks, you will have a community and a cat behaviour coach available 24*7 to answer your questions.


Coach Saba


Hi I'm Saba, I help cat owners understand their cat’s behaviour, resolve stressful behavioural issues and train their cats with confidence.

Just like most cat owners when I adopted my first cat, Rya, I struggled with understanding what she was trying to tell me. She'd attack our feet, meow all night, and scratch everything in sight. I spent hours looking for answers on the internet and spent so much money on things which never helped. Rya was clearly unhappy, and I was stressed out.


But she was also very affectionate at times and we fell in love with her so giving her away was not an option. I couldn't find any cat behaviourists in my town and vets were not helpful either.  As a last resort, I enrolled myself to studying animal behaviour specialising in Feline behaviour science. Once I learned about cat behaviour, I created a plan for Rya and saw massive improvements in her behaviour.  I also realised by not knowing aspects of Rya’s behaviour and how to handle such behaviour, I unknowingly escalated her behavioural issues.


Fast forward to today, I am a certified cat behaviour coach who has helped hundreds of cat owners across the world since 2021. The Cat Owners Academy is my signature program to help first time cat owners who have questions and concerns regarding their cat’s behaviour and well-being.


Got Questions? Check our FAQs below:

Who should join the Cat Owner Academy?

Cat Owners Academy is designed primarily for new or first-time cat owners. However, experienced cat owners who want to deepen their understanding of their cat’s communication tactics and behaviour are also welcome to join.

What does the program include?

The program includes three comprehensive modules that will take approximately a week to complete. Additionally, you will receive six free bonus eBooks and access to a private Facebook group. This group features monthly Q&A sessions and vet visits, providing a platform to ask questions and address concerns. It will also be regularly updated with the latest tips and tricks.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course is designed to be completed in about a week. However, you can go through the material at your own pace, revisiting any sections as needed.

What is the guarantee policy for the Cat Owners Academy?

While we do not offer a refund or money-back guarantee due to the various factors that can impact cat behaviour, we assure you that you will gain a wealth of information about cat behaviour and parenting skills. The strategies taught by Saba have proven effective for almost all her clients. For specific behavioral issues, you can book a private consultation with Saba here.

What kind of support will I receive during the course?

You will have access to our private Facebook group, where you can connect with other cat owners, participate in monthly Q&A sessions, and receive advice from visiting vets. This group is also a hub for the latest updates, tips, and tricks related to cat care.


What should I do, if I have specific behavioral issues with my cat?

If you are dealing with specific cat behaviour problems, we highly recommend you to book a private consultation with Saba. For more information and to schedule a session, click here.

We look forward to helping you become a confident and knowledgeable cat owner through the Cat Owners Academy.


"Ebony and Lady"

My consultation with Saba was very helpful. She gave me useful tips to help my cat became more confident! I recommend a session with her if you feel your cat needs some additional training! Thank you Saba!

"Krista & Vella"

Thank you for your help! Saba is continuing to help me with my kitty who sprays in the house. I have a full plan that I'm still working on and have learned so much about my bengal. :)

Lia & Clark.webp

"Lia & Clark"

I had such a great experience with Saba. She was patient with me and answered all my questions during our counselling session. The Best part by far is her availability afterwards to answer questions. It makes me feel so supported as I am adjusting to life with cats. Highly recommend!

"Trish & Ruby"

I spoke with Saba recently after finding my ragdoll, Ruby acting out when having to take her medication for anxiety. What was supposed to be the treatment was making her worse. Saba listened to what was happening and without judgement suggested some corrections that I could make with regard to Ruby and her sibling, Tilly.

While it is early days, I already have a more settled, affectionate and calm cat. Saba has been lovely to work with and has also checked in to see how Ruby and Tilly are doing.

Trish & Ruby.webp
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