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We help cat owners become experts in addressing their cat’s behavioral issues enabling them to confidently handle stressful behaviour.

Oh Hi There!

I am Saba, a certified cat behaviourist and I help cat owners to become their cat’s personal behaviour experts.

Through a combination of Feline behaviour science advice and training techniques, I equip cat owners with the skills they need to navigate challenging cat behaviour and cultivate positive habits in their cats.

I have a certification in cat psychology and training from Learning Cloud Australia and currently pursuing a Diploma in Feline behaviour science and technology from Companion Animal Sciences Institute. 

I believe that all cat owners should have skills to understand their cat’s behaviour, be able to read the body language, and train their cats with a positive association.  

I teach personalised skills specific to your cat's personality, environment, body language that will enable you to confidently deal with behavioural issues and stressful situations as a cat owner. 

We help cat owners dealing with behavioural issues like

A Cat Behavioursit
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Check out what our clients are saying about our services

testimonial 1

Jessica & Clover, UK

Where do I even start?! So helpful, invested and genuinely cares about yourself and your kitties life style. Clover has benefited so much from our session, information and plan and I’m so grateful for the help we received.
He’s only getting better :)

testimonial 2

Natallia & Milo, Australia

It's an understatement to say that I had a fruitful and amazing consultation session with Saba yesterday about my 1 year old Scottish fold, Milo. Saba is so passionate about cats and has rich knowledge about their behaviors. I told her about Milo's background and his slight aggression issue, she was already able to pin point what was the issue in the beginning. Saba provided me (first pet owner!) with lots of useful and comprehensive information on how to deal with the situation and to make it better, and eventually eliminating the issue. Thank you so much Saba for your advice and your time!

testimonial 3

Isalinne & Dina, Sweden

Saba is a wonderful person! Very understanding, patient, and her love for cats really shows! She gave me very easy steps to help my cats with an upcoming move and it really reassured me and helped my babies. I will for sure go back to her whenever I need, I trust her and would recommend her to anyone who wants to understand their cat’s behaviour better and improve their life!

testimonial 4

Yvette & Tuxedo, Australia

I came to Saba for help with my kitten and his scratching habit. We had tried many things but nothing seemed to work and knew we were missing something. Saba listened and thoroughly asked questions to understand the situation. She has greatly helped me to understand my cat, his behaviour and meaning behind it. She gave a detailed plan and if I had any questions along she was available to answer them. The result is a massive improvement in my cats behaviour. I really appreciate Saba's help and insight.


We are a proud member of International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants.

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